Screenreader compatibility JAWS

I wonder if Zotero is suitable for blind people using JAWS as a screenreader. I am not familiar with any software for literature management but the "magic icon" for adding a document by its identifier would be a great option.
Thank you in advance!
  • I believe that folks have used JAWS with Zotero with reasonable success. Here is a recent discussion of accessibility:

    Improved accessibility features is something that the developers have been working on recently.

    For additional keyboard shortcuts (e.g., access to the magic wand Add by Identifier function), you can install the Zutilo plugin:
  • Thanks for having the Classic add citation option for accessibility. It works well. However, there are two things to mention. Some edit fields are not named, so I am not sure what they are for.
    Another thing is citing multiple resources: How to create multiple citations using Classic add citation dialog in an accessible way? The arrows to move selected resources/references are not accessible or accessed by a screen reader like JAWS. Is there another way to activate the source we are selecting to move to the multiple citation area? Thank you in advance!
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