Zotero is not capturing Place of publication from Amazon?

Zotero has been fabulous for compiling my dissertation bibliography except that it does not capture the place of publication from Amazon. Is there any way to fix this aside from entering the data manually?
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    Sorry, Amazon does not store place of publication. We can't import what they don't have. I would suggest that you try a different resource, like the Library of Congress catalog.
  • Can anyone recommend a resource for book chapter references?
  • Thank you--I'll try the LoC right now. BTW, I saw that my university is not listed among those that support Zotero, and I'd like to appeal for the administrators to add this interface. Is there a link laying out the advantages to univ libraries for doing this and what does this involve in terms of cost, etc? Because the library is facing a tight budget, I may need to rally some colleagues to add their voice, so I'd like to find out how I could explain the benefits of doing this.
  • Great - the Library of Congress catalog works perfectly, publication place and all. This is what I was looking for -- thank you again!
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    If you could tell us which university library catalog you're using, we could check to see what needs to be done to support it. It might require only a very small change on our end.
  • I would be happy to help you rally your colleagues around Zotero. I would suggest showing them some of our screencasts, or a few of our ever growing list of glowing reviews. If you or any of your colleagues have any questions feel free to email me. Trevor@Zotero.org

    As Sean mentioned it may be a very simple fix to get Zotero working with your university's catalog. If you can tell us what university you are at we can take a look at the catalog and see what it would take to make it Zotero compatible.
  • thx for your offer of help, trevor. i'll include your email when i plug zotero to my colleagues.

    sean was kind enough to communicate with our library, so the library catalog is now compatible.
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