formatting problems libre office

Hey ihr,
ich hoffe, mir kann wer helfen:
immer, wenn ich eine Zitation einfüge, wirft zotero meine ganze formatierung (zeilenabstand, schriftgröße, schriftart) durcheinander. was kann ich tun?

Hey you,
I hope someone can help me:
Whenever I insert a citation, Zotero throws all my formatting (line spacing, font size, font) into confusion. what can I do?
  • Same here. I hope an update will resolve this problem.
  • What version of LibreOffice? Does it happen in a new document? This isn't a general problem.
  • It happens in every document. It's the libre office version I don't know what this means ;)
  • Are you editing the specific paragraph styling manually? If so you should be editing the default style instead. Zotero never preserved paragraph styling beyond the one associated with the pre-set paragraph style. Font and font size should be preserved. Are you sure you can reproduce this in a new document?
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