Regaining zotero group membership once one has left membership

Thanks to anyone for help. I just needed to recover my zotero library from a Time Machine backup because I unintentionally deleted an important collection. From what I read, now I need to “replace online library” because the collection was also lost in the online library.
I do not want to damage or modify the groups information, so I thought the best would be to ask the administrators to cancel my membership while I recover my personal library.
Is it possible to regain membership once I am out? Thanks so much!!!
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    You don't need to leave the group. You also don't need to replace the online library, but you wouldn't need to leave the group even if you did — that function works on the specific library you choose and doesn't affect others.

    From the documentation:
    If you're trying to restore deleted collections, you can create duplicate collections and drag items from the old collections to the new ones. When you sync, the old collections will be deleted but the new ones will remain.
    You just need to do that and then sync. Don't use Replace Online Library or you'll overwrite any recent changes you made, for no reason.
  • Thanks a lot dstillman for your very kind and clear response. I did as you suggested, great help!! : ) Cheers!
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