New item types for conference proceedings

Is it possible to have a item type for conference proceedings ?
There is a item type for conference paper, but not for conference proceedings that can be edited.
There is some differences between the both in the bibliographic citation (for the pagination, for editors information.
But, as there is only one type, it's impossible to make the difference.
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  • We've talked about this before and I might be misremembering, but doesn't book typically work fine for this since the conference information is in the proceedings title?
  • It may happened that the proceedings have a title different from the title of the proceedings.
    So in wich fields could you write the informations of title, location and dates of the proceedings ?
  • As I said, might not be possible, but how would a citation look?
  • For exemple :

    Delmas B. (dir.), Le Roy E. (dir.). (2019). Les communs, aujourd'hui ! Enjeux planétaires d'une gestion locale de ressources renouvelables. Paris (France) : Karthala. 228 p. (Hommes et Sociétés). Journée d'Etude : Les communs Aujourd'hui, 2016/11/18, Paris (France).

    Title : Les communs, aujourd'hui ! Enjeux planétaires d'une gestion locale de ressources renouvelables
    Editor location : Paris (France)
    Editor : Karthala
    pages : 228 p.
    collection : Hommes et Sociétés
    title of the proceeding : Journée d'Etude : Les communs Aujourd'hui
    date of proceeding : 2016/11/18
    Location of proceeding : Paris (France)
  • I guess technically this could be achieved in Zotero by adding event-title and event-date to Extra ( ), but I don't think there's a single citation style that implements this.

    At least in the US context, it's pretty unusual to add separate event information to the citation of proceedings.
  • Thanks for your help
    best regards
  • Yes, a Book item with event-title and event-date information is what CSL settled on for proceedings volumes
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