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I have two questions about my citation style and would be very grateful for your help.

1) I would like to use the APA 7th edition citation style for my dissertation, but I noticed that it is not yet available in german. Since I am writing my diss. in german, I have been following the DGP, which is more in line with german citation rules (I don't want serial commas in my german sources). However, the most recent DGP is a bit older than APA. Would you rather recommend APA 6th Edition in german or DGP latest edition? My supervisor agrees with both.

2) I also have some english sources. How can I install the english rules only for the english sources and still have the german rules for my german sources (e.g. 'Aufl./Ed.', 'S./p.').

Thanks for answers in advance!

Lorena from Bern
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    1) You can select German with the APA 7 style when you select it in your Word document.

    2) This isn’t possible in Zotero (it is in the third party Jurism program, which has multilingual bibliography capabilities). But this is also usually not required. Most style guides ask for the bibliography words to be in the language of your document, rather than the source being cited.
  • Thank you very much for your help! I will follow this recommendation regarding the second comment.
    I already tried the APA 7th Edition (German (Deutschland)), but still get the serial comma that ist not needed for german citation in the bibliography. Do you know what I can do else than choose 'German (Deutschland)' as my language?
  • I think bwiernik just overlooked that part of your post. Comma rules aren't currently localized. I'd probably work with DGP, but the differences are pretty small either way.
  • Okay thank you adamsmith.
    Do you know whether this style is designed according to:

    Richtlinien zur Manuskriptgestaltung
    von Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs)
    5., aktualisierte Auflage 2019

  • Ich meine das ist der Fall, ja, aber ich habe keine Ahnung wie genau da jemand draufgeguckt hat -- kann also durchaus sein, dass das ein paar Fehler/Abweichungen drin sind.
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