Removing title commas and stars when renaming using Zotfile

edited February 28, 2021
I have a paper that contains commas and asterisks in its title (do not blame me), unfortunately it was not published yet, therefore I can't send the DOI or the file before the final publication.

The title is something like: A foobar for something, else, and there again*

The problem is when zotero automatically renames the filename contains commas (weird) and an asterisk (dangerous). My renaming rule transforms the pdf filename to:


I have toggled the following parameters in Zotfile rename (ZotFile Preferences->Renaming Rules):

Format for all item types except patents


Format for patents


Additional Settings

Delimiter between multiple authors _
NO Add user input to filename
YES Change to lower case
YES Replace blanks
YES Truncate file after . : ?
YES Max length of title: 80
YES Max number of authors: 2

Number of autors to display when authors are ommited 1

YES Add suffix when authors are ommited: et al

Any hints in how to replace those commas and asterisks in filename for underlines (_) or remove them at all?

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