Batch Renaming Files to CiteKey

Hey all,
Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (if so, i didn't come across it)! I am just wondering if there is a way to batch rename my PDF files from their default naming (when importing into Zotero) to using the name of the citekey generated by Better BibTex... I know how to do it manually (one at a time) but I was hoping there's a way to select a batch of (parent) files and rename the PDFs all at once. If not, do you know of any workarounds to get to the same outcome (e.g. changing the default naming upon import, then re-import all the files...idk!)? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  • The rename attachment function works in bulk, with multiple files selected, or am I misunderstanding the question?
  • Hey Adam, thanks for your reply. Yes, I can rename in bulk, but when I do so the naming reverts to Author_Year_FullTitle. I don't know if I can change this default naming scheme?! I want to be able to rename the files to whatever I programmed the citekey to be: which can simply be Author_Year_CollisionLetter or Author_Year_shortTitle_collisionletter ... I want to do this so that when I refer/link to the file in other programs I don't have a massive string or file name in the middle of my content. If that's still unclear I can try rephrasing it again! :)
  • I assumed you were using ZotFile alread, are you not? Pretty sure you can set that up to rename using the citekey, and if you can it'd work the same in bulk
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    Ok, wow, I totally didn't know that Zotfile had its own preferences option - derp! Now that I am in the renaming, I can't get the BibTex citekey format to work, and I have no clue how to adjust it so that Zotfile understands this: [auth:lower][shorttitle3_3][year]. Going through the forums now looking for a solution to this since I actually know what the problem is now, but I welcome all generous help in the meantime :)
  • OMG THANK YOU!!! I don't know if you saved me hours, days, or weeks, but I am so grateful for your help with all of this! Uploading virtual appreciation x100000 :P
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