Sync not completing

edited February 18, 2021
Sync is spinning but never completes upload. This began several days ago.
I have submitted a debug output from terminal, /Applications/ -ZoteroDebugText
Question: would an encrypted pdf attachment create issues for sync?
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    It seems to be stuck on a single file that has been already trashed. That file was not encrypted.
  • No, this has nothing to do with external PDF file encryption.

    You somehow have a note that's set as the child of another note. (Have you run any custom code on your database or used third-party plugins?) Check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences, which should fix this.

    (We also only needed a Debug ID here. The other thread you posted to was about a completely unrelated issue where Zotero itself was freezing. If you can still access Zotero, there's no need for output from the terminal.)
  • I had installed Zotero OCR this evening but the issues were from yesterday. I just removed it. I am running the database integrity test now.
  • The database was corrupted, as you had suggested. It was repaired following your instructions (check database integrity). As you suggested, the issue had nothing to do with the individual PDF's and any encryption.
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