Cannot add users in a group using secondary email addresses


I registered several emails in:
Zotero Settings -> Account -> Manage Email Addresses

When my co-worker added me in a group with my username or primary email address, I could received the invitation.

However, whenever my co-workers invited me using my secondary email, I couldn't find any invitation from my email's inbox (plus spam) or Zotero's inbox.

Is there a way to use secondary email addresses?

Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks for pointing this out.

    Emails would still be sent out, but unfortunately those don't always reliably make it to an inbox.

    Invitations will now be associated with your Zotero account if they go to a verified secondary email address as well as to your primary address, which means that they'll show up in your inbox and on your groups page even if the email doesn't make it through.
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