Is it possible to prevent the automatic downloading of open-access PDFs?

In my usage, whenever an open-access alternative is retrieved in place of the "official" PDF on the site, it is almost always unintended (e.g. because I forgot to accept the condition on JSTOR, forgot to use VPN/proxy, etc.). I would prefer that it does not download anything in that case. Is it possible for me to disable this feature?
  • I don't believe this can be separately disabled, no.
  • It can't. We considered adding this as a separate option when we implemented OA-PDF retrieval but decided against it, and I believe this is the first request for this we've gotten in the couple years since. We have a general goal of relying on data from more sources than just the site you're currently on — e.g., if Zotero detects a DOI on the page, some or all of the data might come from Crossref, not from the site you're on — and this fits in somewhat with that.
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    I wish disabling automatic pdf downloads were an option, like in Mendeley. I prefer to download the pdfs manually using my own naming and organization schema. Zotero's automatic downloads are taking unnecessary storage space on my computer.
  • You can disable PDF download in the general tab of the preferences. The above question was about separately disabling PDF download of files from Unpaywall, i.e. typically not the "official" copy.
  • Thank you! I was having a hard time finding this option.
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