Convert Tags: Automatic -> Manual

Hello, everyone -

Is there a way to convert automatic tags for a given Zotero item to manual?
I often want to keep just a subset of the automatic tags. However, I find I have to re-type these, and then delete all the automatic tags.

It would be great if one could select a subset of the automatic tags, right-click and "Convert to Manual Tags"....
Just a thought.

  • I think if you right click on the tag in the tag selector then rename it, it will convert to a manual tag
  • @bwiernik Thank you for that. Still, it would be great to have a command solution, especially for converting multiple tags simultaneously. Simplest would be a (contextual?) menu command, with possibility of assigning a keyboard shortcut.
  • Hi there, I'm wondering if it is possible to do the opposite of what ZenonMarko is asking here: specifically, I want to convert manual tags into automatic tags. This is to distinguish my own tags from those the author has assigned, but where for some reason it was automatically grabbed by Zotero.
  • I also want to convert manual tags to automatic tags. I have a lot that actually are automatic tags, but they were imported from another app so Zotero treats them as manual tags. It would be great if I could batch convert them to automatic tags. Perhaps some way to identify those tags that are only used on under X number of references and batch convert those?
  • @fulaoshi: A tag manager is planned that will allow those kinds of things.
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