file in zotero linked to a word document


I'd like to link a file in zotero to a document word. So everytime I add a citation to this specific word document, zotero add automatically this citation to a file in zotero.

Is it possible ?

Thank you!
  • I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you say a bit more?
  • Hello,

    Yes i'll do my best! I'm writing a text on word. I add citations in this text, citations that are from my main librairy in Zotero.
    But everytime I add a citation from my main library to my word document, I'd like this citation be added automatically to a specific librairy in my Zotero (instead of dragging it). So this specific library/file in zotero would be linked to my specific word document.

    It is possible to link this word document to this specific librairy ?

    Hope it is clearer.
  • Items in different group libraries are distinct items. If you cite an item from My Library, then drag that item to a group library, the citation will point to the copy in My Library. If you want to use a group library item, you need to cite the copy that is already in the group library.

    If you meant “collection” (a folder in one library), not library, then such document collections are planned but not currently possible.
  • While indeed document collections aren't available currently, you can use to get a "Select in Zotero" link that will select all items currently cited in a document and allows you to easily drag them into collection or assign a tag.
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