Good Morning

Is this Apple app (Papership) still functional with Zotero or is it no longer
a candidate to link with a Zotero library ? If not is there
any similar functional Apple app for consideration?


  • Papership will still connect to a Zotero library and synchronize the items of metadata it has fields for. If the item has a URL and no attached file, Papership will (in my experience) reliably open the web location in its main window. If you do have a local copy but aren’t synchronizing files, this will create an error message. I can’t comment on its performance with file synchronization, since this is not something I do. A native Zotero iOS app is under development, but there is currently no release date.
  • Thks gpatten. Native IOS would be another home run for Zotero developers.
  • An official Zotero ios app is being developed. Folks have had hit or miss success with Papership lately. It might work for you, so try it out. But don’t pay for any features until you are sure it’s going to work for you.
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