Open attached PDF's from within LibreOffice?

edited January 17, 2021
I am creating a document in LibreOffice Writer, inserting footnote citations with Zotero.
My Zotero library has 500+ items with attached links to locally stored PDF's. These files are heavily notated using Adobe Acrobat.

While editing the document it would be helpful if I could open PDF's attached to previously inserted citations by clicking on the citations within LibreOffice. These links are neither desired nor needed after the final edits.

It's asking a lot but is there any way to do this?
  • It's possible, but takes a couple of steps/clicks:

    1. Move into the citation in LO
    2. Click (or use a keyboard shortcut for) Add/edit citation
    3. Click on the citation in the "Quick format" bar or use ctrl+down to show its extended properties
    4. At the bottom of that box is a "Show in Library" button that will take you to that item in the Zotero library, from where you can open the PDF.

    My recollection is that the QuickLook add-on may actually have been able to show PDFs right from the add citation dialog, but I'm not sure that's right and if still works).
  • I was using the "Classic" Add Citation dialog and didn't realize the "Quick format" bar had that feature. This doesn't quite satisfy my ideal but it does save me from having to search for the citation in Zotero which is a significant improvement.

    For what it's worth, my ideal would open the cited PDF by simply right clicking (or something like it) on the superscripted citation number but the "Quick format" bar trick will work for me.

  • Hi, I second Halfwit suggestion to open PDF directly from citation number/note.
    I'm using Classic add citation box in order to navigate collection and have faster search results, so maybe it could be useful to have an option to open PDF from there too.
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