What's not tagged?

I have around 2500 items, of which around two-thirds are tagged. I tag these __TAGGED.

I thought if I searched for items that do not include this tag (Tag does not include __TAGGED) I would get a list of items needing tagging - but no, some of them are tagged. Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong? - or how I might derive such a list? If the Tagged mark (which, usefully, appears when I colour the tag blue) had its own column I would be able to sort all my items that way but no ...
  • Have you checked "only show top level items" in the advanced search? Otherwise, this will also show attachments missing this tag and will display (greyed out) the parent items they're attached to.
  • Yes, but I must admit only briefly (maybe I just clicked on it after the original search) and I can’t remember just what the result was. I’ll try that again tomorrow.

    Since, as I remember, the search result still showed some top level items tagged and others not, I wouldn’t expect it to solve the problem though - but we’ll see.
  • Yes, of course that worked - thanks v much!

    I think before I must just have clicked 'show top level' on a pre-existing search ...

    If anyone from Zotero development is reading, thanks very much indeed for an excellent program.
  • Just so you know, the Zotero developers read every thread on these forums.
  • The more I hear, the more impressed I am with you guys.
  • Sorry for the thread necromancy, @dbrear, but I just wanted to inform you of a method by which you can forego the use of a specific tag to organize content into "tagged" vs. "untagged" categories by using Advanced Search as follows:

    -> Match [all] of the following:
    -> [Tag] [does not contain] [{leave the search box blank}]
    -> [x] Show only top-level items
    -> Search
  • Thanks paanvaand - I've only just seen this. Now I've got it working the other way, that works, but good to know.
  • Is there a way to make an advanced search that says:
    All references that has these four tags, but no other tags than these?
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