Can a sub-collection name become a tag or a field in an import

I want to export a library into an Excel file. There is a .csv export possibility.

My library has a few sub-collections and would like to keep a trace of each of them which is attached to a citation.

It is an 1:n relationship (as a few citations belongs to more than one sub-collections)

Can the sub-collections stay attached to each citation - as a tag fo example ?

  • While in principle collections could be treated the same as tags — provided in a comma-separated list — the collection information isn't currently available to export formats unless you actually export a collection itself.

    We could consider changing that, but it's not needed for most export formats — while collections and tags are functionally similar, most people don't see or use them that way, so it wouldn't really be appropriate to include them in export formats that only have keyword/tag options (which is most formats), and doing so would mean that on a round-trip they would turn into tags. (CSV is distinct in that there's no CSV import.)
  • SO I think I have a similar but perhaps simpler question. Is there a way to export a collection and subcollections such that there is some flag or header that separates different subcollections?
  • Only in Zotero RDF format (or, of course, using the API)
  • OK thanks. is there a way to convert from ZDF to either CSv or txt?
  • Nothing simple, no.
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