Batch import pmid (solved)

I have a home-made html file, created from my RSS reader, containing a lot of doi and pubmed links. If I open the file in FF, I can batch-import all those with doi link, via the folder icon in the adress bar. But those links : can't be import.
Do I try to do something which is not possible in Zotero? Or I don't have the good syntax? I can easily extract from my custom file just the pmid, if needed, and import in other way, but I don't know which one.
  • that's not currently possible in Zotero, correct. Since DOIs follow a particular pattern - 10. a number of characters - Zotero can detect them on a site. That's not possible for PMIDs, which are just numbers.
    It's planned to allow you to input separated lists of identifiers - DOI, PMID, or ISBN - into Zotero, but it's not been implemented yet.
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    Thanks for the quick answer.

    So I found an other solution. In case someone need it :
    -in .txt file, copy your pmid
    -Go this website and upload your file :
    -Will result as a "normal" pubmed search. So batch-import in Zotero with the folder icon or simply by "send-to-file" in XML format.

  • Hi,
    I follow your instruction, but I cannot download my references after I've upload my txt file with only the PMIDs..
    Any suggestion?
  • You can just paste a list of PMIDs into the save by identifier window now -- this thread is 8 years old and that feature (which I allude to in my post above) wasn't available then
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