Merge two doc files


I have two doc file with different citation lists in each file, i want to create a single file and sort the citation.

Is it possible to merge the two doc files, if yes then how ??

any comments please....
  • what do you mean by a citation list? A bibliography?
    Are all the citations from the same Zotero library?
    If so, then:

    Delete both bibliographies.
    Copy and Paste one paper behind the other.
    Save the new paper under a different name (for safety and backup).
    Move to the end of the paper.
    Click "Insert" Bibliography.
  • No the Bibliographies are from two different computers.
  • It show me the message [ "This citation no longer exists in the Zetero database. Delete it?" ] when i click Zetoro refresh button.
  • of course it does.

    Here is how Zotero works:
    Every time you insert a citation into a document, Zotero links it to an entry in you local Zotero library. Now, if you change the library - e.g. because a title was misspelled, because you wanted to add that it's the 2nd edition, whatever - Zotero will include that information when you click refresh.

    Now, if you have a document that was created with a different library, on a different computer - Zotero is looking for the item linked to a citation to update it - but can't find it. So you get the message you cite above.

    If the libraries are not the same, you will have to sync them.
    This only works with version 2.0b. You will first have to update if you are not using 2.0b already - then you sync first one library and then the second library using the same username. I think that should work, but be sure to have backups of both libraries before you sync.
    Now the procedure described above should work.

    If you don't have access to both libraries - e.g. if one belongs to someone else - this will be a whole lot more difficult, you should use the group feature, but I'm not sure that will work backwards.
  • For what it's worth, this limitation will be addressed in future versions of Zotero by embedding metadata in documents, but there are some technical challenges there (particularly cross-platform and cross-application), and a solution will take some time. In the meantime, merging via sync is your best bet.
  • merging via sync does not work for me...

    i sync both libraries with the same username/password but when i press refresh button same message is shown ["This citation no longer exists in the database...."].

    also i am using version 2.0b6.4
  • Right-click on a missing field and select Toggle Field Codes. What's the underlying field code?
  • It is
    {ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM {"sort":true,"citationItems":[{"uri":[""]}]} }

    { ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM {"sort":true,"citationItems":[{"uri":[""]}]} }
  • OK, short answer: these references should work in 2.0b6.5, which should be out in the next day or two.
  • okay i will be waiting for that version!
  • One more issue i found in Zotero ...

    When i put any citation in the doc file ...sometime it doesnt work even the FF is open ....It shows the following message ..

    "An error occured communicating with Zetero. Please ensure Firefox is open and try again."

    Later the doc file doesnt allow to add any citation ... not any option of Zotero work with that file afterwards ...

    any solution to it???
  • probably best to send an error report created in Zotero if there is one.
    Otherwise not sure - the first can happen if your FF is in offline mode.
  • I send submit the error report its ID is 954290276. please need on this ....

    no FF is in online mode. "An error occured communicating...." msg shows and the file no longer work with Zotero. either i have to copy the doc file text to a new file ....that is headache ...

    One more question do you allow the Zotero to work with chrome??? because FF consumes lot of memory ...
  • edited August 24, 2009
    Error Report
    [JavaScript Error: "Location is null" {file: "chrome://skype_ff_toolbar_win/content/tb.js" line: 3469}]

    [JavaScript Error: "[Exception... "'SyntaxError: parseJSON' when calling method: [nsIStreamListener::onDataAvailable]" nsresult: "0x8057001c (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_JS_OBJECT)" location: "" data: no]"]

    [extra output removed - D.S.]
  • I believe there is a conflict with the skype add-on. Consider disabling that.
  • Assuming you can insert citations into new documents (which, judging by the parseJSON error you're getting, you likely can), see Debugging Broken Documents.
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