PaperCut nbib import: two spaces inserted where there is a line break in the file

edited January 1, 2021
I heard from the NLM support desk concerning this issue. They say their system will insert a line feed after 90 characters and they have no intention of changing that practice.

The Zotero import parser appears to interpret that line feed as two space characters. If it is not too troublesome please modify the system so that the extra space isn't added.

In my example below when brought into Zotero -- There are two spaces inserted in the article title after "Covid-19" before "lockdown"

A similar pattern exists with each line break in the abstract.

This is a minor annoyance to anyone but me. However, the same added spaces thing occurs with institutional authors. (I couldn't find an example to give you with this message but I can tell of one that I recall that recently required me to edit):
"American Academy of Pediatrics Committees on Adolescence, on Injury and Poison Prevention, and on Sports Medicine and Fitness" This institutional author imports properly via PMID and the magic wand.
[I did a PubMed search on that as the author but didn't find the articles even though I tried with wildcards.]


PMID- 33355154
STAT- Publisher
LR - 20201223
IS - 1468-2044 (Electronic)
IS - 0003-9888 (Linking)
DP - 2020 Dec 22
TI - Association between suicide behaviours in children and adolescents and the COVID-19
lockdown in Paris, France: a retrospective observational study.
LID - archdischild-2020-320628 [pii]
LID - 10.1136/archdischild-2020-320628 [doi]
AB - This retrospective observational study conducted in Necker Hospital for Sick
Children, France (January 2018-June 2020) evaluated a potential temporal association
between admissions for suicide behaviours in children and adolescents and the
national COVID-19 lockdown (March-May 2020). During the study period, 234 patients
were admitted for suicide behaviours (28% male; mean age 13.4 years). Using Poisson
regression, we found a significant decrease in the incidence of admissions for
suicide behaviour during the lockdown (adjusted incidence rate ratio: 0.46; 95% CI
0.24 to 0.86). This association might result from reduced help-seeking and decreased
hospital admission rates during the lockdown, as well as cognitive and environmental
factors. Further multicentre studies should be conducted to confirm these findings
and investigate whether a compensatory rise in admissions for suicide behaviour
occurred in the postlockdown period.
CI - © Author(s) (or their employer(s)) 2020. No commercial re-use. See rights and
permissions. Published by BMJ.

Thanks for your consideration

  • That should now be fixed.
  • Yes fixed. thank you.
  • I spoke too soon. The first occasion of the "extra space" with a line feed was eliminated. However, if there is an extra-long title ( Geospatial and temporal associations between increases in opioid deaths, socioeconomics, and rates of sexually transmitted infections in the northeast United__States 2012-2017 ) the next double space is not eliminated. The PMID for that record is 33374820. Double spaces remain throughout the abstracts. @adamsmith Thanks.
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