"fixing" bibliographic information

Hi folks, I hope things are well.

I have about 2200 references (most with pdfs) in my zotero database. Most automatically extracted meta data. Some were added from .bib entries I had hanging around, some I entered manually. If I export all and then check the .bib file produced with various integrity checkers then hundreds of problems are flagged. Is there anyway to automatically check/flag/correct the bibliographic information in zotero before exporting? An example would be the author field in the produced bib file - all sorts of problems with how the authors are recorded - problems that would likely lead to interpretation errors by most style files.
  • Nothing automatic, no. What sorts of errors are we talking about?
  • edited December 23, 2020
    For example - no periods after initials, missing required fields for some entry types.
  • Zotero (and CSL) is fine with no periods after initials (i.e. is able to add/remove them in citations as needed) and doesn't have the concept of "required fields," so these checks also wouldn't really make sense in the Zotero context.

    Some version of updating metadata is planned, though, and depending on the cause of missing data could likely fix some of it.
  • Ok - thanks for the update. Any timeline/roadmap available for this feature?
  • It's being worked on now.
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