Help/feature request: vertical tag alignment and hiding unused tags

I am a big fan of tags for knowledge organisation and I want to use my zotero tags to their full potential. While zotero doesn't offer any tools for hierarchical tag organisation, the tag system nontheless has great potential. However, I currently encounter two issues:

1) The less important one is that I would like to be able to see my tags in a list where every tag is on a new line. Although it saves space, zotero's way of jumbling all tags together in a paragraph makes it hard to visually find the tags that I am looking for. The counterargument may be that this saves space and avoids unnecessary scrolling, but I am absolutely convinced that even with the bit of extra scrolling users still will be a lot faster at navigating their tags this way.

2) The second and more important issue for is that zotero does not hide the tags that are currently unused. I am just starting out with using zotero, so currently this is not a big deal. However, if in a collection there are tags starting with A, N, and Y, then I will have to scroll through all the unused, greyed out tags to find the ones that apply. The fact that this is only reflected in the font color makes it even harder to find. Here is a screenshot of this:
This is a problem that gets exacerbates with scale. Suppose I have a collection with 6 items that collectively contain 12 tags. If my library contains 200 tags, then I have to do a significant amount of scrolling and looking through greyed out tags in order to get to the tags that are interesting to me. Thus, I would really appreciate the option to be able toggle hiding the tags that are not used in the collection. Is this possible somehow? Or alternatively, is it possible to see those tags, that are used in the collection, on top of the tag list (kind of like colored tags are always on top)?
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