Can't use ibid

My thesis director has informed me that my school is no longer using ibid in citations, and need to use short form citations instead. We use Turabian 8. In Zotero, the Turabian 8 citation style does ibid automatically. Is there any way to get Zotero to not use ibid? I hope so, otherwise I'll have to re-do all my citations manually!
  • Ibid is set in the citation style. If you're allowed to use Chicago Manual, see for a style that does what you want (that's also practically indistinguishable from Turabian 9th edition).

    Otherwise the only way to go would be to modify the citation style.
  • how would I modify the citation style to do it? (I have to stay in Turabian 8)
  • ok, I looked up Chicago and see that Turabian is essentially Chicago. I just need to make sure there's not some little detail that's different that will show up in my citations or bibliography and set me back.
  • I switched to Chicago style in my Zotero prefs. It got rid of ibid (yes!) but still a long title. My shortened note needs to be a shortened title of no more than 4 words. Which of the 3 Chicago styles in Zotero do I need to choose to do that?
  • It uses the short title field in Zotero
  • ok... I have selected both full-note and note Chicago styles, and they are both still doing ibid.

    At first, it did the shortened note. But when I added the next note, it became ibid.
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    This here should do what you want:

    That will use the shorttitle on each citation. If you need a full citation first, see the style linked above by @adamsmith
  •, what do I do with the link you sent me?
  • Guys, I think I got it figured out. Thank you for your help.
  • Could you clarify what you needed, though? I understood that you need a full citation on first mention, then short notes for all further. thinks you needed short notes throughout, including for the first citation. The former is already available as a public style (see my link above). The latter isn't yet and we're trying to figure out if it's worth adding.
  • @adamsmith you are correct... I need full note first time, shortened note after and no ibids. I didn't know what to do with what you sent me, but I eventually figured it out. And it works perfectly.
    I apologize, my lack of code-savviness is on full display.
    I would still love to know how to implement what sent me. Not because it's what I need, just cuz I'd like to know what to do with it. Copy/paste the code somewhere?
  • I believe if you just follow his link and then click on "Raw" Zotero will ask you to install it.

    Otherwise, right-click on "Raw" --> Save link as, and then double-click the downloaded .csl file to install into Zotero
  • ok good to know. I'll save it but prob won't install it now. Once I figured out how to add the link you sent me, add it, and select it, I was golden.
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