Limiting citation search to one collection when using Word plugin?

Is there a way to limit the search to items in a single collection when using the Word plugin citation dialog box? I'm talking about the red search box that pops up when you click "add/edit citation" in the Zotero ribbon tab in Word. When I type keywords into that box, it searches my entire library (and shared libraries), but this often makes it difficult to find the specific item I want. I'm a grad student so I have collections and sub-collections for each separate class I've taken, which I don't want to get rid of since I do sometimes re-use sources, but I also don't need to constantly wade through all of them to find the one thing I need. It would be great if I could toggle a setting to limit the search to a single collection, like for the class I'm currently writing a paper for. Does this option exist? Or is there a way to "archive" old items so they don't show up in search but aren't gone forever?
  • Only way to currently do this is to use the "classic" dialog, which is otherwise clumsier. You can select this individually using the tiny arrow at th eleft of the red bar on permanently in the "Cite" tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • My apologies, but I can't for the life of me see the tiny arrow, or even a red bar, in the "Cite" tab of Zotero preferences. I'm using 5.0.93. The only way I've found of using the classic dialog is by clicking the down arrow by the Z in the new red dialog box, which I have to do every time. What am I missing (apart from good eyesight)?
  • He was referring to the Add Citation red bar in Word when you are inserting a citation.
  • No, I think this is a misunderstanding due to a typo above -- it should say "or permanently in the 'Cite" tab..."
    there, under "Word Processors" is a checkbox "Use classic add citation dialog" at the bottom.
  • Definitely an eyesight problem on my part ;) I stared at that tab without seeing the checkbox. Sorry to waste your time.
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