Provide more info in the group RSS feed items?

edited February 1, 2019
Currently the RSS feed for any group only shows the item title. Would it be possible to include more information - first few author names, date, publication, and maybe first few sentences (or full) abstract?
  • edited June 19, 2018
    We could consider that. Since these entries are really about the Zotero items, not the canonical items that they refer to, the author is the Zotero user that created the item, and it might make sense for the title to be more of a description of the canonical item.

    Note, though, that the feed includes special fields for the creator summary and year and full item details in the content block (the latter readable by any feed reader that shows content), so this info is already provided in the feed.
  • Wanted to check if there's any movement on this. Also, here's how the feed looks like in Outlook. Would be nice to have more information about the item:!Atcr8aCyjBrulYpKOMmvBEGej6QykA

    In Zotero's RSS, it's same level of detail, except I can also see item type ("Journal")
  • Wondering if there's been any updates to the RSS feed information. Even in Zotero's feed reader, the only information about the item is the title (plus who added the item and when it was added).
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