Item relation types


We are using Zotero for the creation of an e-science corpus with full metadata sets (see preliminary version, project description

We need to represent item relation types in some way, namely the following four relations: is-review-of, is-reviewed-by, is-container-of, is-contained-in.

One possible workaround is to set a relation ("related item"), and to distinguish the type of relation by tags (is-review; is-container), and to allow the existing global relation links just for these items, but it would be much more straightforward to be able to have relation types.

There are several other discussions on this forum about "item relation types" or "custom relation types"; nevertheless I come up with this issue here for a renewal of this feature request, since we are considering changing the tool because we need this feature, and I'd rather stay with Zotero, for several good reasons...

Another very ineresting new feature would be to allow a tag hierarchy, i.e. to be able to annotate Zotero items with ontology types, but this is another issue...

A big thank you for all the work you are doing!
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