Incorrect "Accessed Date" in "Generate Report from Item..."

Using Zotero v5.0.92
Using Item Type: Web Page

Issue: When a date in the format, YYYY-MM-DD, is entered into the "Accessed:" field, "Generate Report from Item..." generates a report that shows 1 day earlier and a seemingly arbitrary time.

Question: If I wish to enter the exact time of access, for instance "2020-04-03, 2:53 PM MT", how can I do this and have it generate a correct time in the report? Failing this, how can I just have the correct date reported?
  • The date gets stored at 00:00 AM at your location and Report seems to use the UTC time, so it'd e.g. currently be 8:00 PM US Eastern time the previous day (or 7:00 PM for the Winter).
    That's clearly a bug and it doesn't manifest in citations (though I think it used to, so I think the fix just didn't make it to reports). I don't think there's currently a way to add the time to the accessed date, so no workarounds I'm aware of.
  • Thank you, Adam. I suspected something like this might be going on. It's a shame that the fix was not implemented in the reports. If I proceed to enter information and it's later fixed, it might result in unpredictable dates being entered.

    What is the best way to alert the support team to this remaining issue?

    As for whether the time is present or not in the report; it is only really required when generating a report for emails, since time of transmittal or receipt is often a critical tem in correctly documenting them.

    By the way; I use the item reports as a sidecar file to images I have stored on my hard-drive. It's part of my disaster recovery plan and an easy way to find something using Spotlight on a Mac.
  • FWIW, Date Added looks correct and should typically be the same.

    Devs read everything here, so you can consider this reported
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