"Researcher" app integration

Hi there,
I recently started using Researcher, an app for reading scientific articles. It claims to integrate with Zotero, and to put articles that I bookmark into my Library, but having logged in to Zotero through the app and bookmarked some articles, I don't see anything in Zotero. Is this a known issue / any debugging suggestions? Thanks!
  • The functionality is provided by Researcher, so troubleshooting should probably start on their end.

    You've looked for those article here on the site in your web library, I assume?
  • Ok. I had looked last night, and they weren't there -- they were uploaded to the site around 1:30 AM, so I guess they sync that daily. But there are six duplicate entries (???), and they aren't syncing with my desktop app, even after refreshing. I'll get in touch with them...
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