Multiple items save error


I am using Zotero in EBSCOhost database, and it doesn't allow me to save multiple items at once. Could you please help to verify whether this occurs because of site access limits and whether there is an alternative way to export?

Report ID: 1759064734

Thank you.
  • [JavaScript Error: "HTTP request to[…]/ehost/viewarticle/render[…] rejected with status 503"]
    503 means "Service Unavailable", so either site access limits or something upstream — the site or your proxy server — is temporarily unavailable. I'd guess the former.

    I don't remember what EBSCO offers off-hand — someone else might — but if it provides a way to export multiple batches of search results to a file format such as RIS or BibTeX, as explained on Site Access Limits, you could import that into Zotero.
  • Thanks a lot! I found the export button and imported to Zotero and it works.
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