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I have finished writing my dissertation with zotero but now I have found out that I should abbreviate the journals title in bibliography. I read the discussions about this issue but I cannot find any option in document preference of word to disable it to cause use of abbreviation for journal titles. I have only field and bookmark in the window of document preference of word. I am using "American Psychological Association (APA) 7th edition". Please guide me that how I can add abbreviation of journal titles in list of bibliography. I added the bibliography in the word by pressing add/edit bibliography in word in zotero part.

Thank you in advance.
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    This would involve selecting a different style or editing the style.

    However, APA does not use journal abbreviations, so it would be very unusual to do so. Can you confirm that your university actually wants APA style with journal abbreviations and not a style that more commonly abbreviates, such as Vancouver? Do you have a link to the formatting requirements?

    If they do want APA with abbreviations, I can help with that.
  • No they do not want exactly APA, but I need to use a style that do not use number in the text and cite with authors last name and year in the text and alphabetically ordered in the bibliography list. Also there are other rules that I have to obey like separating the authors with same last name in same year by adding suffix to year (that I have problem with this issue as well in zotero), or add et al if the authors are more than two, completely list all authors in bibliography doesn't mathher how many they are and other rules. Which style do you recommend that consists all of these rules?. Thank you very much.
  • Let’s just make a custom style for your university. Can you provide all of the information requested here?
  • I really appreciate your help. My problem solved by using the Journal of Dairy Science style from the link that was sent to me.

    Thank you very much.
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