Citing @mastersthesis in BibTex

I've been following past discussions on this but have not been able to find an answer. What is currently the standard way for citing masters thesis or any theses other than PhD in Zotero? Do we add something to the "Extra" field?

What if different languages are used? (Eg. Chinese) I would, for example enter "碩士" instead of M.A. for a @mastersthesis entry in Chinese. How can I get this to export properly into Bib(la)Tex?
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    With BBT, you can set the type to mastersthesis and it will export as @mastersthesis.
  • Zotero will check for Master or MA in the type field of theses for biblatex export and export those as `@mastersthesis`, but if you want this to work in multiple languages etc., see Emiliano's post and use BBT
  • And in general if you are writing in BibTeX with Zotero, you will want to be using BBT.
  • I am already using BBT. Having `tex.referencetype: mastersthesis` in the `Extra` field does translate to `@mastersthesis` in the `.bib` file, but `university` became `publisher` - could this be an export translator issue?
  • The `place` field is also lost in the translation process.
  • Having "MA" in the `Type` field does not export the `@mastersthesis` for me either. Is this a BBT settings issue?

    title = {The {{Problem}} of {{Philosophy}} in {{Classical Chinese Thought}}: {{The Text Zhuangzi}} as {{Case Study}}},
    shorttitle = {The {{Problem}} of {{Philosophy}} in {{Classical Chinese Thought}}},
    author = {Liu, Jennifer},
    year = {2016},
    address = {{Seattle, WA}},
    abstract = {This thesis is an attempt to look at the Zhuangzi and whether it can be appropriately understood as a philosophical text. The greater question is what is philosophy proper, and how has it been articulated in comparative approaches, particularly in regards to Classical Chinese texts. The following project will advance accordingly: In the introduction, I will look at the genesis and definition of the term 'philosophy' as translated into its Japanese/Chinese counterpart, tetsugaku/zhexue , and how the roles of the Meiji and early twentieth century Chinese scholars have shaped and created the meaning of 'philosophy,' and how these discourses have helped to form 'philosophy' as a discipline. Chapter one will be a brief discussion on the textual history and scholarship on the text of the Zhuangzi focusing mainly on the contributions of the Qing dynasty philologists, and modern scholars Guan Feng and A.C. Graham. Chapter two will be translations of selected passages from the Zhuangzi and will include textual notes on interesting and perplexing lexical, and grammatical features. It will also contain commentary regarding the 'philosophical' significance of each selected passage. Finally, this project will conclude with a general observation of how the themes in the Zhuangzi may or may not fit in with current conceptions of 'philosophy,' and suggest an alternative way in understanding both the Zhuangzi and philosophy},
    collaborator = {{ProQuest Information {and} Learning Co}},
    file = {/Users/satibodhi/Zotero/storage/PVWTFDWX/Liu-2016-The Problem of Philosophy in Classical Chinese Thought.pdf},
    keywords = {Asian studies,Electronic books,Philosophy},
    lccn = {TUL},
    school = {University of Washington},
    type = {{{MA}}}
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    I am already using BBT. Having tex.referencetype: mastersthesis in the Extra field does translate to @mastersthesis in the .bib file, but university became publisher - could this be an export translator issue?

    Using tex.referencetype only forces the reference type to the provided value. It will not do anything else, so the item translation will be done according to the rules for the Zotero item.

    The place field is also lost in the translation process.

    AFAICT that would indicate the Zotero item is a patent? In Better BibTeX (rather than Better BibLaTeX which I had in mind earlier), place always becomes address unconditionally. I'm not sure how it could get lost.

    Having "MA" in the Type field does not export the @mastersthesis for me either. Is this a BBT settings issue?

    Nope, BBT currently only responds to the exact type mastersthesis, but a build that accepts MA and Masters too is running now. If there's more you need, I'd appreciate you opening an issue on github. My support infrastructure is built around it.

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    BBT 5.2.82 now also responds to types MA and Masters for Zotero items of type thesis. I'd recommend using that over tex.referencetype for this case.
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