Export library from Zotero to pdf

Hi everyone ! I know the topic has already been discussed and I've seen several post suggesting scripts to do so but I was wondering if there is some way of exporting my library into a simple PDF looking just as the UI of Zotero (list of citations with their little icons and clickable link).

I've seen all the export options maybe you can suggest a file extension that can be similar for what I've described ? Thanks

Otherwise I just export my Zotero Library to Mendely which has a built in function to contain all my citations into a PDF file.
  • I think you may be confused about what Mendeley offers — I'm not aware of anything like what you're describing.

    Can you explain what you're actually trying to do? Any standard document can be converted to PDF, so that part isn't really relevant, but it doesn't make sense to create a document that just looks like a program's user interface — those are completely different things for completely different purposes.

    Zotero can certainly generate a formatted bibliography from your items, and it can also generate a report with full metadata. But I'm not sure what you mean by "clickable link". A link to what? The URL associated with the item? There are citation styles that will include the URL if one is present.
  • @dstillman thanks for answering, as you've said Mendeley doesn't offer that kind of functionality I misread an online review about it.

    I understand that with Zotero I can export my library thus my bibliography to different files extensions which include for example biblatex, endnote and so on.

    My goal was to convert my bibliography in Zotero in a simple pdf that contains (preferably in alphabetical order) my bibliography. To do so I've exported my Zotero library to a biblatex file then I've found an online converter which convert biblatex into pdf thus obtaining a three page pdf with all my citations in plain text.

    I know that Zotero already collect full metadata of the citation I add in my library and I was wondering how I can create a document with my bibliography in plain text (authors name, publication name, year, editor etc.) plus I can click on this citation that redirects me to the citation webpage.

    This is useful for me because I want to present an easy to consult document to my Professor that can check all the citations without the need to copy the citation, open web browser, access google, paste the citation, find the right link.

    A work around as I've mentioned above would be to export from Zotero a file extension that include https:// (webpage address) of my citation so that when I convert to a pdf I can maintain the hyperlink.

    You've mentioned that Zotero can generate a Report with full metadata, I think you mean when I simply export my bibliography to Zotero own file extension right ?
  • @dstillman thanks a lot this was really helpful both creating bibliographies and generating reports answer to my question on how to export my bibliography in plain text, the thing is I've tried both methods still the files generated don't contain hyperlink / clickable text nor https:// addresses (although I've checked pretty much all my citations have direct link to their webpage)
  • The report will show a URL if one exists in the URL field (not an attached snapshot or link), and the DOI will also be hyperlinked.

    Whether the bibliography contains a style depends entirely on the citation style you pick. Other people could better advise you on what to use there.
  • It sounds like your bibliography doesn't include URLs by default. You can try using the 'search by example' in the Visual CSL editor here: https://editor.citationstyles.org/searchByExample/ to find a style that includes all URLs by default. Alternatively, you can use the Visual CSL Editor just to add a URL to the end of your 'Bibliography' macro, if that's all you want. (You upload your style, go to the 'Bibliography' macro and then add the URL within the macro at the end. Save, and update your style).
  • dstillman - you are consistently helpful, often in spite of inadequate information in the question/complaint.

    Thanks, it's much appreciated!

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