Problem with De Buck with ‘translator’ field


I think I found a problem with the 'translator' field.

I entered a book in Zotero as follows:

Author last name: Israel
Author first name: Jonathan I.
Translator last name: Smilde
Translator first name: Bert

This gives the following results:

Bibliography: Israel, Jonathan I., (Bert Smilde) vertaler, De Republiek, 1477-1806 (Franeker 1996).
First Note: Jonathan I. Israel, Bert Smilde (vertaler), De Republiek, 1477-1806 (Franeker 1996).’

The bibliography should give:
Israel, Jonathan I., Bert Smilde (vertaler), De Republiek, 1477-1806 (Franeker 1996).

The same happens with articles and book sections.

Even though this problem isn't frequent (as I am not using many translations), it would be nice if it was corrected.

  • Can you point to an example in the style guide or a published article with this formatting for the translator. Does it really not include the label indicating the person is the translator?
  • No, it gets corrected in a published articles.

    I am happy to sent you a word document if you give me an email address..
  • The Buck 'requires' it, but I am not sure how often 'translator' is included in published books or magazines. Probably not often.

    Even though, it is strange that de style in Zotero does it correctly in the note but not in the bibliography.

  • edited September 3, 2020
    Oh, I see what you mean. That’s a bug in the style that should be fixed. I’ll try to take a look at it in the next few days.
  • Could you let me know please what the status of is?
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