Unable to add citation

Problem ID: 1599561287-39213

I have been unable to add a new citation to my word document for the past 3 weeks. When adding the reference in the Word zotero pop-up bar and pressing enter, the blue bar fills up after which I instantly get an error message saying Zotero has been unable to add the citation to the document. I have of course used all the usual troubleshooting tools but to no avail. I was hoping the (major) glitch would be fixed with an update but none seem to be planned in the near future. HELP !
  • You're not using Zotero — you're using Juris-M. You'll need to ask for help from the Juris-M developer (@fbennett).
  • Hello @geraldineblanche. If your error report was sent to Zotero, you may be running an old version of Jurism, so let's check that first. In the client, when you do Preferences -> Help -> About Jurism (or Zotero), what does it show? (The current version is 5.0.90m3, which was released two days ago.)
  • Hi! THanks for your reply, unfortunately, I did do the update (I have the 5.0.90m3 version) but still receiving same error messages. I'm really at a loss here. What would you recommend I do?
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