Footnote numbering and cross-references with multiple sections

I am working on a large (300+ page) document with multiple chapters. I have inserted section breaks between each chapter in order to have footnotes start renumbering for each one. But Zotero doesn't seem to notice, and so the cross-refences in my footnotes are unclear (it just says "n 1" without distinguishing between chapters, and it doesn't automatically provide a full citation the first time a text is cited in a new chapter).

Is there a way to fix this?

Using Word for Mac 14.4.7 and Zotero Firefox plugin

  • no, sorry, Zotero can only do cross-references starting from 1 at the beginning of the document (I'd actually expect it to cross-reference incorrectly when referring to items after the first section break, no?).

    Best I can suggest is authoring in chapters and re-assembling after deleting Zotero field codes. If that workds depends on what type of cross references you need, of course. If you want something like "ch. 3, n 1", that's honestly unlikely to ever be possible.
  • Thanks. I would imagine the best solution would be to have the program 'reset' for each new section, so that each chapter gets a full citation, which then becomes the reference point for any cross-references in the chapter. But I realise that may not be possible (I know nothing about coding). I can just remove the section breaks, it's not that big a deal in my case--I just wanted to avoid having footnotes in the 1200's!
  • Yeah, I didn't code this, but my recollection is that this was at least not easily doable the way Word structures documents.

    See my suggestion, though: By splitting the document up into chapter documents, Zotero would do exactly what you want. Then remove field codes in a copy of each chapter, paste them toegether, and you're good.
  • It is unfortunate that Zotero cannot accommodate for section breaks and restarted footnote numbering in MS Word! I am dealing with the same exact problem as eeastaugh and I was hoping that I would not have to removing the code, but it seems like the only option. I hope that you guys consider developing this feature in the future.
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    @ralb: For what it's worth, I provide thesis support to postgrad students in the Law Faculty here at Nagoya, and we face the same issue. I would be delighted (as maintainer of the citation processor) to get a robust solution in place that allows arbitrary resets of numbering and citation forms with a unified bibliography: it would save me a lot of time. Unfortunately, it really is a hard problem.
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    Agreed, this feature would be extremely helpful! The problem with splitting up into single documents is that it gets quite complicated if work in the full document is needed (e.g. cross-referencing between paragraphs) and afterwards certain citations need to be modified...
  • Splitting the document into multiple documents and then pasting it back together actually does not work in most cases ... This is a feature zotero needs to be useful.
  • @riw77 Splitting the document works fine in most cases, and many users have found that approach useful over the years.
  • It doesn't work, actually -- see my answer on the other thread. Either you can get the correct citations at the head of each chapter, OR you can get a correct bibliography. You cannot get both.
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    (You want multiple bibliographies in your document, one for each chapter, then a combined one at the end? Zotero does not do that, and that's a very rare need. You can do it manually by combining everything at the end.
    OK, nevermind, I see this is already being discussed in multiple places: )
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