Prevent multiple entries of the same book in bibliography while citing different book chapters?

Hi I have a question regarding csl:

I am citing multiple chapters of the same book. the book chapters are written by different authors.
in the bibliography i want to have only one entry of that book. an extra entry for every chapter is not necessary. is there any way to do that?

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    Each work should have one entry in Zotero, and then locators like page numbers should be added in specific citations.

    If you are citing a whole book, but different sections of that book, use one entry and cite it with locators like pages or chapters.

    If you are citing separate papers within an edited/collected volume, then cite each one individually, and keep each one as a separate entry in the bibliography, because they are distinct items.

    That's the standard practice and how Zotero and typical citation styles behave. If you wish to modify that behavior, it would need to be done manually. There's no current way in the architecture of Zotero to do something like linked items in the references, etc., and furthermore it wouldn't make sense in terms of how you would locate that entry in the bibliography. (The second option would work for this, but is not recommended for chapters written by different authors in an edited volume because it would be attributed to the editor, not the authors.)
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    Different book chapters have different titles and authors and each chapter owns it place in the final bibliography.
  • This isn’t generally possible, but there might be a workaround. What citation style are you using?
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    I made my own citation style with CSL.

    The problem is that in German legal citation you use legal commentaries. These commentaries have different authors in the same book, but in the bibliography they appear only one time:

    In footnotes they are cited:

    Author in: Editor, short title, § ...
    Burmann in: Burmann/Heß/Hühnermann/Jahnke, Straßenverkehrsrecht, § 7 StVG

    and with an another author:

    Heß in: Burmann/Heß/Hühnermann/Jahnke, Straßenverkehrsrecht, § 7 StVG

    In the bibliography the legal commentary should only mentioned a single time, no matter how many different authors you have cited in the piece of work:

    In the bibliography it is only sorted by the editors like:

    Editor (ed.): container title, Edition Year

    Burmann, Michael/Heß, Michael/Hühnermann, Katrin/Jahnke, Jürgen (Hrsg.): Straßenverkehrsrecht, 26. Aufl. 2020.

    The problem is, that if I have multiple citation of that same legal commentary but with different authors, the bibliography will have multiple entries for the same book. At least they are sorted underneath, so I can delete the duplicates by hand before I submit a paper. But still I would like to have my CSL-style in a way that I don't need to do that.
  • In other words: Is there a way in CSL to say:

    If container title is already in the bibliography, don't add it to the bibliography again
  • No, in CSL that’s not possible currently. It might be added in a future version of CSL.

    If you are doing legal citations, I recommend using Jurism (a version of Zotero with expanded legal citation tools) and CSL-M (an extension of CSL with extended legal citation support, particularly much of German legal citation is already implemented).
  • Thanks a lot bwiernik

    I will have a look at it
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    @BlackJack1 I'm sorry to tell you that German legal support in Jurism is not ready yet. There's a couple of functionalities still missing, that hopefully will make it in the next months. Please, have a look at and if I'm missing anything, please add a comment there.

    A second thing is completing the abbreviation files at — Jurism helps with automatically citing abbreviated court designations, for that aim, the lists at the legal resource registry are fed with court and jurisdiction data. Recently, I contributed to the 'de' file the data for federal courts which was easily accessible to me. The lower levels better be contributed by someone closer to that matter.

    Anyway, Jurism, even in its current state, is better suited for German legal citation as it provides appropriate fields and document types.
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