Using Zotero for Non-fiction book?

Hi, thanks in advance for any help!
I am somewhat new to Zotero, and am working with an author to publish a nonfiction book. There are a lot of citations, and we aim to use the following format:

There will be the text of the book in each chapter with superscript numbers indicating endnotes. After the final chapter, the citations (Chicago Style) for these endnotes will be added as an appendix, in chronological order, grouped by chapter, and labeled according to the endnote where they appear (as in, not an alphabetical bibliography).

So far, I have not found a bibliography style that both uses Chicago (or something very similar) for the citations, and can order them numerically. Is there a citation style that does this? Is there a way to program Zotero to output this kind of endnote section?

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    There's no way to (automatically) have separate sections in a bibliography (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.):

    If you want continuous numbering throughout, then use a single document for the whole book, with the endnotes (rather than footnotes) setting in Word. (This is a setting about how a style is used in Word, rather than a feature of the style itself.) Or see the clarification here:

    If you want to restart numbering in each section, then create a separate document for each chapter, and combine them only at the very end.

    Either way, you will need to make some minor manual adjustments at the end (after saving a copy of your document with unlinked, plain-text citations), to add in the section labels within the bibliography, but the methods above will create the right numbering so all you need to do is separate out each part as you wish.
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