How stop Search?

Is there any way to stop Search once it's started?

I start a Quick Search and then notice it's set to search Everything, which takes ages - how do I stop it? Escape won't work.
  • You can just change to a different search mode or press Esc to clear the field. How well that actually stops the work going on in the background is a separate question — not everything can be stopped once it's going, for technical reasons. (There may be some things we can do to improve stopping as well.)
  • Changing the Search mode or pressing Escape doesn't seem to do anything - the progress icon continues to turn and if I select a different mode there's no indication that Zotero is actually searching differently.

    In some case I've ended up closing Zotero as the only way to get on with something else. I can see that building a Close Search option into the searching procedure might be complicated ('has Escape been pressed?' every 10 items, say) but it would be handy, in my experience. I've got about 5,000 items and once Zotero is searching through everything in all those items (quick though it is) it takes a while to finish so I can search differently.
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