LabArchives integration

A degree of integration with the LabArchives electronic laboratory notebook service would be desirable. Synchronizing all references with LabArchive could be a good option. As not to interfere with Zotero's business model, perhaps limitations could be added for syncing attached files such as PDFs. Understandably, LabArchives would have to cooperate.
  • LabArchives has really grown. My company uses it for our Electronic Lab Notebook. I have used it for years even at prior companies. I would love to see integration for example to add bibliographies generated by Zotero to entries in the ELN.
  • This would be a big plus
  • I would love to see this integration.
  • What exactly do you need here? It seems like CWYW would likely be overkill for lab notebooks (to the extent it's not, it's something that LabArchives would have to add like, e.g., RStudio did). Pasting Zotero-generated bibliographies into LabArchives (and any other tool accepting rich text/html) is of course already possible.
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