Rich Text Format Import Problem

Hello, I have used RTF in footnotes to modify element of my comments with no problems, but I cannot get it to work properly from my Zotero library. For a work's volume, the volume title must be italicized (in Chicago).

So in the Volume panel, I have "1, Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World".

I keep getting "William W. Hallo and K. Lawson Younger Jr., eds., The Context of Scripture, vol. 1, Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World (Leiden: Brill, 1997)" in my footnotes.

I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I am on a Mac with Catalina, using Word, and my Zotero and everything else are fully updated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I believe only title fields take HTML tags and convert them to rich text. You can't use those in other fields such as volume.
  • But this also seems like something that should be changed in the style, not in your data entry.

    @adamsmith In APA, I test for `is-numeric="volume"` to control formatting. Should we add that to Chicago?
  • Ha! I didn't even realize the example I gave accepted the RTF and highlighted my subtitle. Well, glad you got the point anyway. Thanks for the quick response. Bummer there's no quick fix, but thanks for your help!
  • @bwiernik -- won't help here since the item has both a volume number (which should be in roman) and a title (which should be in italics). This will have to wait until we have volume title and I'm a bit hesitant to encourage incorrect data entry until then
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    The materials at suggest references like:

    Gnedenko, Ekaterina. 2020. “Land Economics and Policy.” An ECI Teaching Module on Social and Economic Issues, Economics in Context Initiative, Global Development Policy Center, Boston University.

    So we need to be able to use special font markup in many different fields.
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    "Economics in Context Initiative" there would be a container-title or collection-title. Such formatting should be set in the citation style, not the item data.
  • The default "Book" Item Type does not have these fields. Are you saying one has to customize the interface and add a new Item Type? Or, are you saying the CSL file has to be modified?

    If the latter, how does the CSL file know what field to look for? For example, in the case of Gnedenko's book, "Economics in Context Initiative, Global Development Policy Center, Boston University" is in the Publisher field. Without the markup, how would it find the italicized part?

    (BTW, as a feature request, I'd like the option of using markdown -- even though some markdown dialects don't have italics.)
  • I would cite this as a Report and enter the economics in context part as the Series title.
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