CSL for beginners guide request


I've decided to foolishly attempt to write a citation style designed for Juris-M. Right now, the french version of the McGill legal citation guide style exists for Zotero, but it is two editions out of date, and tries to use work-arounds to fonction in Zotero, which isn't as accessible as Juris-M when it comes to legal citations.

Given that the few computing science classes I took as options in my undergrad are several years behind me and were focused on Python, to say that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I have tried to find a very beginner level "XML for idiots" or "CSL for idiots" type guide, but have come up short so far. So I'm crowd-sourcing my search, to see if anyone could point me to such a ressource.

Thank you!
  • This video would be a good start to learn about CSL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDnf0o80dwg

    The Visual Editor basically just translates the various code bits into a visual representation and helps with learning how everything is structured and works.
  • Thanks!

    I have been playing around in the editor, but I'm having trouble making a style in it that can use the abbreviation fonction from Juris-M.
  • I'm not aware of a simple introduction to editing CSL-m styles for juris-m, I'm afraid. @fbennett do you have anything you can point to?
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