I get an error and the report ID is 1686853592.
Could you check it, please?
Thank you
  • I just restart the application and got error again. The report ID is 1422647746.

    Thank you
  • You need to say what the problem is.
  • When I try to sync, I see red exclamation mark neer sync sign 3-4 minutes later. I tried it 3-4 times.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a sync that produces an error?
  • Here is Debug ID
    Thank you
  • This appears to be some sort of problem with your internet connection. There's a 90-second delay during the connection, which causes the subsequent redirect to Amazon file storage to fail due to request expiration.
  • Very interesting.
    I always use te same (home) internet connection for many years and just get the error.
    I just changed the connection as mobile hotspot and now I didn't not get any error.
    Debug ID is D784911941
    How can I fix this problem while using home internet.
    Thank you
  • This is a problem with your internet connection, not with Zotero. Based on your location, I'd guess that there's some throttling/blocking of some requests. Hopefully it's temporary.
  • I used again my home internet after my mobile internet.
    Interestingly now there is no problem.
    In any case I created Debug ID for you for the last time (home Internet)
  • That's not really meaningful — once a file sync finishes successfully, a subsequent attempt without further local or remote changes wouldn't need to sync any files.
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