add to collection indicator, when item already present

When I drag an item from a list to a collection, if the item is not already in the collection I see a + sign in a green circle. If it is already in the list, there is no sign. This is problematic because, with a large set of targets (collections, sub-collections) to drag to, successful targeting of the drag & drop operation can be uncertain. Am I getting no indicator because the item is already in the collection - or have I missed the target? A different indicator that I've hit the target would be a welcome enhancement. Maybe a + sign in a yellow circle?
  • The indicator comes from the system and isn't something we can customize (at least currently).
  • I'm also not aware of any software that does this, though. Some just show the + in all cases, but that does take away potentially valuable feedback.
  • I agree that a distinct behavior is desirable. Not knowing quite what you mean by "comes from the system", I don't know if it would be feasible, but I note that when I drag something to a place where it will be new, I get two indicators - the + sign in a green circle, and the target collection gets a dark background highlight. It would be useful if the highlight indicated that I've successfully targeted the right spot, and the absence of the + in green circle could then provide the distinction you describe.
    Thanks in any case for your quick attention.
  • I just noticed a feature I hadn't seen before. On a Mac, pressing Alt with an entry highlighted in turn highlights each of the other collections it appears in. Not exactly what I was looking for, but useful in its own right. This kind of yellow highlight would be useful when dragging an item into a collection in which it is already included, to show that the destination collection was appropriately found, per the discussion above.
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