Feature request: queueing items with Zotero Connector

Rather than require Zotero to be open to add and save items from browsers with the Zotero Connector plug-in, could items be added to a 'queue' when Zotero isn't open? The queue could be processed manually later on when Zotero is available.
  • When would this ever be relevant? If you want the save queue to be stored in the cloud such that you could later open the browser and Zotero on a different computer to save, then saving to zotero.org directly gets you the same functionality, and if you already have Zotero on the machine where you're saving with the Connector, why would you want to delay opening it?
  • It would be relevant for whenever I don't have Zotero running in the background (which is most of the time). If I happen to come across something that I think I'd want to have in my collection and/or review later on, I open Zotero, wait a moment for it to load, reload the browser tab (so the page/document can be saved without an error), save to Zotero and then close it. Don't get me wrong - it's not a major imposition, but more of a minor inconvenience in the user experience.
  • If you want to save to Zotero regularly, and don't want to save to the online library, you should keep Zotero open.

    Queuing items in the connector doesn't work, for all sorts of reasons:

    1) It's Zotero that has the list of collections, so you wouldn't be able to choose a target collection or library.

    2) It's Zotero, not the connector, that downloads attachments, and if it tried to do so later, the cookies could easily no longer be valid and downloads would be rejected.

    3) The connector storage isn't stable — it could be deleted by the browser before you opened Zotero and the items were saved.

    4) Various other functionality in the connector — RIS/BibTeX interception, CSL installation, Google Docs integration — depends on Zotero being open.
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    @jmespge: You could use temporary browser bookmarks and postpone saving to Zotero.

    These shortcuts should work for Firefox and Chrome:
    Bookmark Page (Cmd/Ctrl + D)
    Bookmark All Tabs (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + D)

    I sometimes postpone saving to Zotero when I'm not connected to the campus network. Zotero would fetch an open access preprint version, but I prefer the journal's pdf file. Saving immediately might require more postprocessing of the items.

    I often miss the Zotero analog of Ctrl+Shift+D, "Save All Tabs to Zotero".
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