Translator for Oxford Handbooks


Is it appropriate for me to ask for help with the translator for Oxford Handbooks (see e.g. The metadata all appears to be there, but saving mischaracterizes a chapter as a book, and loses the book title and editors names...

Oddly, if you go to the top-level page (for the whole book), the translator throws an error.
  • One correction. While the editors' names do appear on the page in a predictable place, they are not included in the page metadata.
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    How exactly are you importing this? We don't have a translator at all.

    There's currently two options:
    1. You can import using the "Cite" function on the page and
    2. You can import using the DOI

    both suffer from signficant issues in the metadata by OUP. E.g. if you look up the DOI, it's labelled as a book:

    If you look at the metadata in RIS and Bib format available for 1., it doesn't include the book title and labels the editors as authors.
    While we might be able to improve on some of this, first step really would be for OUP to improve the metadata. I'd suggest contacting them, see if that goes anywhere.
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