using 2 languages for citation and bibliography

I am writing an article in Persian, it is a right to left language and it is similar to Arabic. I want to insert any reference in its own language, Persian references in Persian and English references in English. I have no problem with English references. There is 2 problem with Persian references, first with direction of languages so parentheses differ. citation zotero insert :

)نویسنده دوم and نویسنده اول(

citation I need:

(نویسنده دوم and نویسنده اول)

as you see, the direction of parentheses differ and i need the second.

second problem with "and" and comma ",". I need "و" instead of "and". Also i need "،" instead of ",".
citation zotero insert :

)نویسنده سوم and نویسنده اول, نویسنده دوم(

citation I need:

(نویسنده اول، نویسنده دوم و نویسنده سوم)

I should use Chicago manual of style (author,date).
Would you please help me?

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    When I use Chicago author-date in Word with فارسی then I get the following for in-text:
    (Campbell و Pedersen 2007)

    So that already looks correct to me? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

    Besides that, multilingual citations/bibliographies are currently not supported. It might be in the future, but that's not going to happen in the short term.

    Note however, that a fork of Zotero, Juris-M, exists that has advanced legal and multilingual support.
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    (RTL support varies in different versions of Word (Mac vs. Windows, etc.), including how RTL and LTR text are combined. What works in one doesn't necessarily transfer to another. In the end, it's sometimes easier to just fix these things manually after generating the bibliography.)
  • If you want full multilingual support in your bibliography, you should look at Jurism, a version of Zotero with much expanded multilingual support:
  • @damnation Thank you, but I need "و" when my citation is in Persian and I need "and" when my citation is in English. As you and @bwiernik mentioned, I should try Juris.
    Thank you
  • @djross3 , Thank you. may be the last way is manually fix.
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