Zotfile : creating new item from the most recently modified file from download folder

Is there any way to create a new item from the most recently modified file in the download folder and link the pdf to it ? It is great that Zotfile propose the option to link the most recent file to an item, but usually I don't have an item for the most recent file.
So I'm looking for a rapid way to rename the downloaded file using the convention established in the Zotfile options, move it to the folder hierarchy also established in the options, create a new item by extracting the metadata and linking the file to it.

How do other users do this ? This is something that I do every day, and I haven't found an easy way to do this in Zotero (I'm, have used Mendeley before). And I want to link my pdfs and not attach and thus copy them to the Zotero system files folder.
thanks for any ideas in advance
  • I open PDFs in the browser and download them using the Save to Zotero button.
    Zotero then auto-runs retrieve metadata.

    You can then rename & move using ZotFile
  • @Olib170: Note, too, that while you can do this as adamsmith describes, and Zotero will often be able to retrieve metadata, when possible you should just click Back and save from the article page instead, which should normally save the PDF as well.
  • Thanks for the indications. As you said, finally I find the most usefull way to save directly from the article page. Then I use Zotfile to rename. The more I get into working with Zotero, the more I like it. And I have some history, having used 5 very different programs over the last 20 years ;-)
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