CMOS 17: "s.vv." to cite multiple entries from the same reference work

Apologies if this has been addressed before; I searched but couldn't find the answer to this question.

I want to cite three entries from the same dictionary in a footnote. I am using the Chicago Manual of Style 17 style, notes and bibliography.

When citing multiple entries from the same reference work, CMOS 17 asks that "sub verbis" be abbreviated "s.vv." (see CMOS17, 14.232). At the moment, Zotero is outputting only "s.v.," regardless of how many entries I put in the "sub verbo" locator field.

Am I missing the correct way to do this? At the moment, I type into the "sub verbo" locator field:

> Philology, Philological, Philologer

The resulting citation ought to read:

> Johnson, Dictionary, s.vv. Philology, Philological, Philologer.

Instead, it reads:

> Johnson, Dictionary, s.v. Philology, Philological, Philologer.

Many thanks!
  • I think this is just a limitation of trying to parse when a string of words is a plural or a single item with a plural-like title.

    For example, this volume should have “vol.” rather than “vols.”:
    Vol. 2: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Previously, the citation processor was more aggressive in interpreting strings as plural, but that lead to many false positives. After some discussion, it changed to be more conservative about string plurals because (1) plural-like titles are more common than actually citing multiple string items at once and (2) having a singular label for a plural reference is a less glaring error than having a plural label for a singular reference (e.g., many styles don’t use plural at all).

    Are sub verbos usually named rather than numbered?

    @adamsmith @fbennett Any thoughts? Would a delimiter other than a comma, such as ; or || be possible to explicitly indicate that a locator is a plural list, rather than a plural-like string title?
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