Big Problem In my web Zotero storage

pls help.
my web zotero storage uncorrect!!
I use 2GB plan on 8th,July.
and the storage immediate reach 1375.3 MB from 74MB.
There has big bug here.
I try to delete some information on My zotero to test the storage if can reduce but fail.
the Current Usage still so may can check in my account.there didn't have too much information on my web zotero.
pls help.
its big problem
  • Why do you think this would be incorrect? If you previously didn't sync files or where above you storage quota, a jump up after subscribing to more storage would be exactly what's expected.
    I try to delete some information on My zotero to test the storage if can reduce but fail.
    the Current Usage still so high.
    Are you sure you emptied your Zotero trash?
  • Are you sure you emptied your Zotero trash?
    Yes.I clear it out totally.
    and the sync didn't reduce more.
    I also test to delete some pdf files about 6-10.
    but the storage didn't low.still on 1332mb.
    the notes I have in my web library only have 299.
    not more attachment only notes.
    I think the stroage should be change according I had delete a lot of information on it included the trash.
    but in fact.the stroage didn't change at all.
    pls help me,
  • and I remember there has rules on note: each note can't over 100K.
    I add ## in every notes I write in,so the notes with ## have 349pcs.
    not each notes reach 100K.but account it as 100k.
    si 349pcs notes is 34900K.
    its should be around 35Mb
    am I right?
    if this I count it right,1332mb still have 1297mb.

    and I saw in my web,its have 299 items.
    and I check it in my zotero application. its 249 items?

    the rest of them are the snapchat and link of book in 5 pdf files. each pdf files have around 220-231page.

    how much of each of them should be?
  • Notes don't take up any space in your storage (they count as metadata).
    Snapshots can be quite big and PDFs can be massive, easily several 100MBs for 200+ pages, if they're scans. You can look at the size of the storage folder in your Zotero data directory to see roughly how large the files in your database are:
  • clicking the “Show Data Directory” button in the Advanced tab of your Zotero Preferences window. This will reveal the folder on your computer that contains your Zotero database and attachment files.

    Preferences>>Advanced tab>>show Data Directory>>Storage folder

    I select all the folders and then right-click to find properties and see the footprint
    32 folders, 1183 documents.located in C/Users/c/zotero/storage.
    its 134MB??
  • Or I should check another computer zotore storage folder...
  • I use two computer with this zotero account.
    this will make the storage synac wrong?
  • edited July 8, 2020
    You're currently using 123 MB of your online quota.
  • so its 123MB?
    May I know why it will show 1332MB at first?
    its because of the trash?or?
  • Could be trash, or you might have just misread it. It’s listed with a decimal.
  • in upgrate Storage,its listed with decinmal?
  • Yes, perhaps you misread “133.2 MB”
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