how to create bibliography from items in library

I need urgent help as I need to add my references ASAP and submit my article. I have all the resources used for my article added as PDFs (from my Mac desktop folder where I originally saved the papers before learning how to use zotero) to my zotero library. I cannot seem to create a biblio from these items. When I right click on the selected items, I do not get the option to do that. All I get is 'reload page, back,..' etc. I know I come across as a complete dino, but Please help!
  • Also, how do I get zotero to appear on my pubmed searches, so that I can add articles from pubmed to my zotero library?
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    Are you using the application (installed on your computer), or only the website? These things will be much easier to do with the application.
  • Hi djross, thanks for your response. I was indeed not using the app earlier. Was able to create a biblio and save the list to my desktop folder, but still don't know how to use zotero within Word to add a citation like I was able to with Write-n-Cite with Refworks. I guess I'll have to ask someone to show me how to do it.
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    There are tutorials and information online, including on this website:

    If you just want to create a bibliography of all of your items in a collection, you can export that from directly within Zotero. If you want to do some more with specific items in a document, you can use Word.
  • Thanks again, djross3.
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